Adventure 7


tl;dr: Underground adventures. Fill pockets with asilium! Destroy blood samples!

Ellina goes out to buy baklava and never returns. Zeke goes to help at the soup kitchen at the Xantic outpost. Ulrik, Cope, and Russ have beer for breakfast. Cope gives Russ a recap about what happened in Adventure 6. Cope proposes that the party break into the military complex and steal his, Ellina’s, and Zeke’s blood samples. The trio comes up with a plan. Russ asks around about the catacombs beneath the city, and Cope and Ulrik gather information in Darktown about the military complex.

They regroup and prepare to head down the catacombs the next day. They pass themselves off as history nerds and go through the catacombs entrance by the execution grounds. They find crunchy bones, a bit of crushed up asilium, and rats. They find a secret passage and traps. They loop around and meet a snake. They go back through the secret passage and find the entrance to a building inside the military complex.

The party stops to have a picnic in the catacombs while they wait for nightfall. A guard enters the catacombs right by the party. Russ stops her with a knife. She’s smuggling something through the tunnels. She draws out a map of the military complex for the party and is off on her way. The group climbs up to the storage building basement.

They sneak down a hall a bit until they see a guard coming. Russ threatens the guy, he starts yelling for reinforcements, and they knock the guy out. They drag him into a storage room, and Ulrik puts on his armor. Reinforcements arrive. Ulrik, as the only non-Adari speaker of the three PCs, goes out to meet the guards. He uses his knowledge of Adari curse words to convince them that the intruders ran past them while being invisible. Or maybe that was Cope’s doing with a minor illusion sound. Ulrik “passes out.” One guard stays with Ulrik while the rest go after the intruders.

Russ knocks out this guard too. Cope takes the guards’ money. The party searches the storage rooms while the alarm bells sound upstairs. Ulrik finds the asilium store and grabs fistfuls of asilium. Cope casts web on the hallway in case guards come. They find the blood sample room. Guards are coming. Ulrik prepares to smash all the blood vials. Cope frantically finds his and makes sure it’s destroyed. Ulrik smashes everything while Russ pockets asilium in the other room.

The guards are caught in the webs. Cope throws fire into the blood sample room for good measure as they make their escape. They run back through the catacombs. Russ has a missed connection with a mysterious figure in the darkness. Ain’t nobody got time for this. The three troublemakers go to the Desert Rose and celebrate a successful mission by getting wasted.


nyaabo nyaabo

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