Adventure 5


tl;dr: Oh, sweet summer child. Ellina knocks an orc out with a quiver. Dude-elf translates. Something something 8’s. The Spitting Camel.

Russ, Cope, and Ulrik wake up to the sound of a piece of paper being slipped under their doors at the Jellyfish Sting around 4AM. Ellina wakes up to the sound of her wizard alarm going off in her head. Russ reads the note after shuffling around for a light. The note says that a guide to Sanctuary will be departing in 15 minutes. Russ knocks on everyone’s doors to wake them up. Zeke casts silence on his room. Russ lockpicks the door open and wakes Zeke up. Ulrik throws mugs at Kosto and tries to kidnap him.

The party meets the guide Nepheli downstairs. She leads them out of the city to the Chamenos Woods a few hours away. She uses a magic pendant to create a blue flame that disperses a thick fog in the forest. They walk to a secret cave behind a waterfall. Inside the cave is a giant plant with glowing blue veins that is the source of the fog in the forest. A spiral of blue flame keeps the fog from passing further into the cave.

The party walks past some outcasts and untainted people before meeting Soraya in the back of the cave. Soraya assures them that Melvin would receive some kind of education and life skills in the Sanctuary’s care. They learn that Soraya is trying to find a cure for outcasts, but she has been unsuccessful thus far. Soraya has mastered the art of the “oh sweet summer child” look. Ellina has a conversation with her in private. The party leaves Melvin in the Sanctuary’s care, and Zeke leaves his prayer wheel with the boy.

They go back to Limani and head out for Alitheia the next day. Dude-elf Tacitus translates for the party and gets them a carriage ride to the capital. On the way there, they run into some thugs harassing the innkeeper of the inn they were planning on staying at. Tacitus says it sounds like the thugs want the innkeep to pay them for something. They brawl with the thugs.

Everyone rolls 8’s. Scimitar guy is terrified of Cope. Mace guy makes a threat to smash in innkeeper’s face, Ulrik ignores him, and mace guy delivers. Tacitus translates from behind a tree. Ellina knocks an orc out with a quiver. Cope just wants a drink. Zeke heals up innkeep. Russ restrains the thugs and takes all their weapons. Ulrik loots their bodies, doesn’t matter if they’re conscious. Zeke disapproves (-1). The innkeep lets the party stay for free.

The party makes it to Alitheia a couple days later. Russ sells all the thugs’ weapons. Tacitus helps them find a carriage ride to Semya. Zeke tours the Grand Cathedral. The party stays at the Spitting Camel for the night.


nyaabo nyaabo

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