Adventure 1

Staff Progress

  1. Ruby
  2. Emerald
  3. ___
  4. ___
  5. ___
  6. ___


Kera, owner of the Museum of Osteology, hires the party to plunder a ruin on the coast of Joutimos. The party rents the Sea Biscuit, and Pervy Mervi is hired on to watch the boat while the party adventures. The party makes it to the ruins and fights a lot of slimes and bats. After they leave the ruins, they find Mervi sitting around a fire with a stranger. Russ tells the guy to fuck off[, which was super rude] (DM Note: this phrase was ruining my sentence flow so I’m gonna ruin it more with these parentheses). He fucks off to a ship with red sails. Most of the party sleeps and then heads back to Suurka.

Kera tells the party that she is collecting special orbs that fit in a staff. She’s not sure what it’s for yet. She hires the party to look in other ruins for more orbs so they can find out what secrets it holds.

Loot haul:

  1. Small black box with windup stick (50m)
  2. Gold squares x9
  3. Blue squares x14
  4. Emerald Orb (1500m)
  5. Goopy Tapestry (100m)
  6. Decorative Clothing (200m)


I get sad when I look at the loot section

Adventure 1
nyaabo nyaabo

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