The Xantic are a religious order who worship their one and only god Theos. They are led by High Priest Baldur. The Holy Church of Theos is located on the western coast of Joutimos. Xantism is widespread in Kulina and gaining traction in the Taivas Islands.


Xantism teaches that all humanoids are born unclean, and their souls must be cleansed in order to ascend to Paradise during the Final Reckoning. Xantics believe that souls are doomed to cycle through physical forms in this world until their souls are cleansed. A soul must be purified by injecting the body with asilium, and then the soul must dedicate its life to serving Theos. Mages who use their magic selfishly or do not serve Theos do not have a chance of ascending to Paradise. Asilium rejection is due to sin either from this life or a past life. Sinners must be purged to give them another chance at redemption.

Xantics refer to Ragnarok as the Reckoning. They believe that Theos took the worthy souls to Paradise and punished the sinners by sending a meteor to split the earth. After the Reckoning, mankind was given a second chance to serve Theos.

Most major cities have a Xantic orphanage. Xantic teachings encourage helping those born into unfortunate circumstances reach purification. Many orphans remain in the church and train to become priests or saviors.


There are few actual priests in the church. Most are initiates training to become priests. True priests have been purified with asilium. Once a person reaches priesthood, they typically are stationed in a church or orphanage outside of the Holy Temple.


Saviors are purified souls who are trained to hunt down Sinners. They also offer protection to anyone seeking refuge in the church and act as guards if the church is ever attacked.


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