Taivas Islands

The Taivas Islands are in the Liitin Ocean. This location attracts many salvagers looking to find artifacts from the Yvris civilization in the ocean and on the coast of Joutimos. There are three islands: Diila, Muisti, and Unelma. Diila is home to many salvagers.

Government and Politics

The Taivas Islands are a republic governed by elected officials from each of the three major islands. The leader of the nation is called the Priima. The current Priima is Eija Vanhanen. The Islands are not directly involved with the war in Erimos, but they have an arrangement with Kulina to not trade with Adar.

Demographics and Culture

The population of the islands is small compared to other nations. Humans and halflings make up the majority of Islanders. Unelma also has a substantial elf population.

Individualism is very important to islanders, and they tend to dislike arrogance and formalities. Dwarves tend to be looked down on because they are seen as pompous due to their association with the noble families of Kulina.

Language and Currency

Taivish is the official language of the islands. Kulinic is commonly spoken as well on Muisti and Diila. The markka is the official currency of the islands. The Kulinian lira is also widely accepted.


The main religion of Taivas is Ulusam, though the faith is starting to die out. Most Ulusami now are humans and halflings of older generations. The younger generations tend to believe that the Ulusami pantheon does not deserve any reverence even if they do believe in the gods.

Xantism is gaining traction in Unelma due to a recent influx of Xantic missionaries. There are a handful of Xantic churches on each island.


Most Taivish hold magic users in high regard and see them as godlike beings. The Xantic church uses this to their advantage when they send missionaries to the islands.

Asilium is banned, and the government made a deal to send all confiscated asilium and smugglers to Kulina. However, the islands still have an asilium smuggling problem due to lax law enforcement. Most of the smuggled asilium is extracted from Yvric artifacts.

Taivas Islands

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