Sima is the subject of the war between Adar and Kulina. The territory has passed back and forth between both nations many times over the last hundred years. The land is highly sought after for its rich asilium deposits deep below its surface. The current war started eight years ago.

A hundred years ago, Sima was its own country, but it has not been governed by its own people for a long time. Sima was Kulina’s territory before Adar attacked. The country is currently split in two main regions: eastern Sima, which is still under Kulina’s control, and western Sima, which is occupied by Adari forces.

There is a group of Simanese freedom fighters who fight both Adari and Kulinian forces. Neither warring side has been able to pinpoint the location of the freedom fighters’ base, but they have not been able to make a large enough impact on the war for either nation to spend much time trying to find them.

Demographics and Culture

Sima’s population consists mostly of humans. Most Simanese are weary of war and do not place much trust in authority figures. They are resilient and strong-willed. Simanese are also known for being good musicians.

Many Simanese have moved to Adar and Kulina to escape the fighting in the territory. Some have also moved to Bellek. Many people in Bellek and Kulina view Simanese refugees as pests who don’t contribute much to the country.

Language and Currency

The native language of Sima is Simanese, though it has not been the official language for decades. The majority of Simanese can speak Kulinic. Adari is used in western Sima. Eastern Sima accepts Kulinian lira, and western Sima accepts Adari rubles.


Most Simanese do not follow a religion, but a notably large group of Simanese are believers of Ulusam. There are some Ulusami temples strewn across the territory. The Xantic Church has some outposts set up in villages around Sima.


Constant warfare has made life unpleasant in Sima, and magic is viewed as a chance to improve lives. There is a larger number of mages and Outcasts in Sima than any other nation because of the asilium deposits beneath the earth.


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