Poison Rules

  • Poison takes 1 action to apply to a weapon or 3 pieces of ammunition
  • When applied, the poison stays potent for 10 minutes or until the weapon has successfully hit 3 times, whichever comes first

Venoms of the Taivas Islands

Sketti Fish Venom (Uncommon)

- DC 12 CON save on contact or have vision reduced to 10ft for the next minute; when attacking anything beyond that range, the afflicted character can only see shadows and blurred shapes, and is considered blind. After that, the character can repeat the CON save at the end of their turn to flush the venom from his or her system
- Made from a species of venomous fish, that, if eaten without the venom properly removed, can cause permanent blindness to those ingesting it

Thieves’ Bane (Uncommon)

- DC 12 CON save on injury or the affected character is unable to take reactions or bonus actions for the next minute
- Venom from a snake native to many of the islands, but not the coastal regions. In non-massive dosages, this venom enters the bloodstream quickly and causes slurred speech, slowed reactions, and dizziness.

Azure Lotus Extract (Uncommon)

- DC 10 CON save on injury ingestion. An affected character gains the first level of exhaustion – note that this effect does not stack with itself, though subsequent exhausting effects or lack of rest can add to it normally. Additionally, if an affected target ever drops below 10hp, it must immediately pass a DC 14 CON save or fall unconscious.
- A rare flower used as a soporific in many island communities, the petals of the azure lotus can be ground up and blended with other chemicals to make a mild sleeping venom.
- The lotus leaves, if ingested, act as a sleeping agent, and are often used on the injured or as a remedy for insomnia.

Waking Nightmare (Uncommon)

- DC 11 CON save on contact. An affected creature becomes frightened of all creatures within 30ft of it for 1 minute, and can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turn to end the effect. Additionally, each time a character fails a saving throw against from this poison, it takes 1d4 psychic damage.
- Made from the excretions of a blue-green mushroom, this poison causes its victims to suffer from vivid hallucinations that send it into a frenzied panic until it is able to fight off the effect. The mushroom’s flesh can be used as a mild hallucinogen, having a less pronounced effect once the excretions have been cleaned off

Agony (Rare)

- DC 11 CON save on injury, 1d4 poison damage. Additionally, the first time the victim suffers damage from another source each turn, it must pass a DC 5 CON save or be unable to take an action during its next turn as it is overwhelmed by the pain.
- A complex cocktail of several insect venoms native to the islands, this toxin causes hyper-sensitivity in its victims nervous system, rendering some overwhelmed by the onslaught of pain that accompanies each further blow

Poison Rules

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