The small nation of Mitera is a theocracy allied with Adar. Its capital is Alitheia.

Goverment and Politics

Mitera is ruled by the Great Mother, who doubles as the religious leader of Miterismos. Five years ago, Mitera rose up against Stehen’s rise to power in Adar. The Great Mother Alexandra and her daughter Sophia were killed during the rebellion. Currently, the title of Great Mother belongs to Alexandra’s granddaughter Guinevere, who is being held at the castle in Adar. Without a Great Mother, Mitera has become docile. Stehen has appointed one of his trusted men, Alder Junge as the current leader of Mitera.

Mitera provides much of Adar with food in exchange for protection since Mitera does not have a strong military. Adari soldiers can be found in every major city in Mitera.

Demographics and Culture

Mitera has a pretty even mixture of races because of the country’s seemingly friendly attitude. Miterese are known for being polite to the point of doing anything to avoid confrontation. They generally smile often and try to be agreeable, though there might be something brewing below the surface of those smiles.


Miterismos is the official religion of Mitera. Miterese refers to someone from Mitera and also to someone who identifies as following Miterismos. The religion was founded by Great Mother Melina. There is no god or pantheon for Miterismos. Instead its icon is a pair of one-winged human figures, one male and one female, holding hands. The female figure is called Noomi, and the male figure is called Imri.

The religion preaches acceptance of others and the belief that there is good in everyone. Most Miterese identify as following the religion, though a much smaller number of people are able to practice what is preached. The main church has a convent of nuns that provides shelter to the needy.


All asilium found in Mitera is property of Adar. People found in possession of the substance are handed over to Adari authorities.

Generally, Miterese believe magic should be used to help people. Most commoners welcome mages and pity and fear outcasts.


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