Kulina is an oligarchical nation on the east coast of Erimos. They are currently at war with Adar over the territory of Sima. The capital of Kulina is Krama.

Goverment and Politics

Kulina is run by a Council of the heads of noble families. The Pradhana is the head of the Council. The current Pradhana is Teza Ustara, whose family is known for their ruthlessness. Their government is a case of the few governing the many.

Ustara has been putting pressure on Bellek to provide Kulina with resources to help in the war. Kulina has a trading agreement with the Taivas Islands as long as the islands do not trade with Adar.

Demographics and Culture

Kulina runs on a class system where families can buy their way into a higher class with enough resources and the right connections. Families can also fall down a class if their reputation is poor. Immigrants can buy their way into an appropriate class or remain outsiders indefinitely. The upper class consists of mostly dwarves.

Dwarves, elves, and gnomes make up the most of the population. Kulinians are known for their skilled craftsmanship and artistry. A few craftsmen can even work with asilium, and most who can have been recruited to work for the military.

The capital city Krama is split up into distinct districts. Lower numbered districts are populated with government buildings and upper class society. Generally, the higher the number, the poorer the district. There are special sections designated prison districts.

Prison districts house felons in Krama. They are not closed off to the public, and the poorest citizens of the city also live in these areas. The prison districts are lightly guarded because all prisoners wear a locked explosive collar. If a prisoner leaves the vicinity of their district, the collar explodes, unless they have a special exception made for transport purposes or their sentence has ended.

Krama is also known for its arena. Anyone can enter for a chance at a cash prize, but most fighters are prisoners looking to earn money or earn access to better housing facilities. Fights are regularly scheduled and widely attended by Kulinians of all classes.

Language and Currency

The official language of Kulina is Kulinic, and the official currency is the lira.


Many Kulinians in the middle and lower classes attend Xantic sermons regularly. There are many Xantic churches across the nation. A few Ulusami temples also exist in the country.


Asilium is the property of the Kulinian government. Anyone caught for illegal possession of the substance is subject to imprisonment. The military uses asilium to develop weapons and other tools, such as the prison collar used in the capital. Kulina also has access to asilium from the Taivas Islands in an arrangement where the islands must send all asilium and asilium smugglers to Kulina.

There is a large disparity in how the upper and lower classes view magic. The upper class views magic has a useful tool, but many in the lower classes condemn the abuse of asilium by those in power.


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