The main continent of Ghara is Erimos on the west side of the map. There are rich asilium deposits located in Sima. The countries on Erimos are


Joutimos is the eastern continent. The majority of it is uninhabited wasteland that is unexplored for the most part. Ancient ruins scattered across the continent attracts salvagers. The Holy Church of Theos is located on the western coast of the continent. The eastern coast of Joutimos is unreachable by sea due to massive whirlpools in the Suuri Ocean.


There is a snowy mountainous continent to the north called Kryomos. Some humanoids have been spotted on Kryomos, but no one from the main continent has been able to make contact with them. It is unclear who these humanoids are or where on the continent they live.

Taivas Islands

The islands are located between the two continents in the Liitin Ocean, making it a popular base for salvagers. The main islands are Diila, Muisti, and Unelma. See Taivas Islands page for more details.

Liitin Ocean

The Liitin Ocean lies to the east of Erimos. The Taivas Islands are in the middle of this ocean. Ruins of the Yvris civilization are believed to be at the ocean floor as well as the meteor that struck Ghara during Ragnarok.

Suuri Ocean

The Suuri Ocean is between the western coast of Erimos and the eastern coast of Joutimos. Constant whirlpools and storms prevent ships from reaching Joutimos. That area is known as the Wrath.


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