Character Creation


This campaign will be a lot less Fantasy Life and a lot more standard RPG. Gameplay-wise, I want to focus on exploration. The world will be pretty open, and combat will be avoidable for the most part unless you are exploring a dungeon. I would like to present some decisions dealing with morality in the game so you can expect those to pop up sometimes.

Also I don’t expect you to read all the pages in this Wiki because that would be silly. As always, ask me if you have any specific questions or requests about game content.


The campaign will take place on the planet of Ghara. The technology level is generally Medieval. Magic is powered by a substance called asilium. The only way to gain magical powers is to have asilium injected into your bloodstream. Most people are incompatible with asilium so mages are generally revered (or feared).

If you want to play a magic user, I can work with you to figure out how your character came to be injected with asilium. Because magic is powered by this substance, there are some class and spell restrictions in place. I will be flexible with customizations if you feel your character is too weak with the restrictions. Just let me know, and I will work with you to try to come up with a character you like.

I would like to start everyone off in the Taivas Islands so if you want to work in a reason why your character would be there, that’d be great. I’ll work with you if you can’t think of a reason.


Start at level 3. Dragonborn and tieflings do not exist on Ghara. All races age at approximately the same rate. Humanoids reach adulthood around 20 years. Life expectancy is about 60 years.

Playable Races

  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Gnome
  • Halfling
  • Human
  • Orc

Playable Classes

Druids and warlocks do not exist on Ghara.


Feel free to ask me for about any modifications to backgrounds you want to make for your character, such as starting equipment changes. I’ll work with you to come up with a backstory that fits in the setting.


Take an extra feat.


There are seven known languages in the world. Since there are a lot fewer languages than in the PHB, don’t take the extra language you get from racial bonuses. You will get all the languages spoken in your region as freebies.

  • Adari
    Official language of Adar and widely spoken in Mitera and the western half of Sima.
  • Bellekan
    Official language of Bellek. Many orcs outside of Bellek can speak it also.
  • Kulinic
    Official language of Kulina and widely spoken in the Taivas islands and the eastern half of Sima. Many Bellekans can also speak it.
  • Miterese
    Official language of Mitera.
  • Njaldic
    Obscure language used in Xantic sermons.
  • Taivish
    Official language of the Taivas Islands.
  • Yvrin
    Written only. It is the language of the long lost Yvris civilization.

Ability Allocation

All abilities start at 8. You have 34 points to spend. No stat can be above 18 before racial bonuses are added. If you want a stat to be lower than 8 for some reason, let me know and maybe we can rearrange some numbers. Raising a stat up to 14 will cost 1 pt. See table below for higher scores.

Ability Score | Point Cost
15 | 2
16 | 2
17 | 3
18 | 3


There are three currencies in this setting. 1 Markka corresponds to 1sp in the PHB. Go ahead and write down how much money your character starts off with according to the PHB, and we can figure out which currency would make the most sense for your player to carry initially.


Roll for a trinket on the trinket table. Also flip a coin or RNG a d2 and let me know if you get heads (0) or tails (1). Thanks!

Character Creation

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