Bellek is a neutral nation in the war between Adar and Kulina. It is located between the two nations on the northern part of Erimos. It is surrounded by mountains.

Government and Politics

Bellek is run by a democracy in which officials are elected by majority vote. The current Prime Minister is Sakin Tas. Thus far, the Bellek has maintained a neutral stance in the war between Adar and Kulina despite their location.

Demographics and Culture

Orcs make up the majority of Bellek. Dwarves are the second largest demographic. Many Simanese are taking up refuge in Bellek. Most Bellekans are not fond of the refugees, but they tolerate them.

Bellekans are big on discipline and honesty. They are known for their good work ethic and keeping their word. Oathbreakers are treated as pariahs in Bellek. Bellekans dislike pointless violence and impulsiveness.

Language and Currency

The official language of Bellek is Bellekan. The second most spoken language in the country is Kulinic. Bellek does not mint its own currency, but the country uses the Adari ruble and Kulinian lira.


They do not have an official religion, but most Bellekans believe that everything in the world has a spirit, which should be treated with some level of respect. Balance is key to living a good life. Strong emotions are undesirable because they tip the spirit’s balance too far in one direction.


There is a strong anti-magic sentiment in Bellek. Bellekans generally believe magic is unnatural and causes too much destruction. Because of this, there are very few Xantic churches in the country, and the ones that do exist are subject to protest by unhappy citizens.


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