Asilium is a glowing blue crystalline substance that contains energy that can be used as a power source. It maintains a solid or liquid state unless melted or frozen, respectively. To melt asilium, it must reach an extremely high temperature achievable by setting it over a flame. In its liquid state, it has the consistency of mercury. It has the freezing point of of water. Asilium is found deep in the earth in crystalline form. It can also be found in some caves and embedded in the walls of old ruins.

Uses and Effects

Asilium can be used to imbue items with magical properties. Kulina is known for having a few skilled gnome crafters who are able to work with asilium. They are closely supervised by the government and create weapons for the military. Adar also possesses asilium-imbued items, though their acquisition method is unknown.

When injected into the bloodstream of a compatible humanoid, it grants that person a prolonged lifespan and magical powers. Once a person is injected with asilium, their eyes gain an unnatural glow, and their blood will contain slivers of asilium when spilled.

If injected into an incompatible humanoid, that person’s skin will produce large lesions and boils, and the person will eventually be overcome with bloodlust. The timeframe for the bloodlust varies from person to person. Humanoids whose bodies have rejected the asilium are called the Outcasts, or Sinners by the Xantic.


Asilium is the property of the government in most nations. Adar and Kulina have strict regulations on asilium possession. In Kulina, if asilium is found on your property or on your person, you will be sent to the prison district. In Adar, the same charges will get you to a prison camp. The Taivas Islands have an arrangement to send all confiscated asilium and smugglers to Kulina. The Xantic Church has its own asilium supply, and they are not regulated by any government, though they have a close relationship with Kulina.


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