The desert nation of Adar takes up most of the Erimos continent. They are currently at war with Kulina over the territory of Sima. The capital of Adar is Semya.

Goverment and Politics

The kingdom is currently under a dictatorship ruled by Verrat Stehen. He gained control through a military coup five years ago. Stehen gained the military’s trust by secretly providing magic weapons and bribes to General Lucya Rezkoya. The King was supposed to enter peace talks with Kulina five days after the coup. King Alexei and Queen Karia Valikov were publicly executed. Their only child Prince Arseniy’s death was announced shortly after.

Mitera rose up against Stehen immediately after the coup, but they quickly surrendered once they realized how outmatched they were. Stehen had the Great Mother Alexandra and her daughter Sophia both publicly executed after the incident. Currently Sophia’s daughter Guinevere holds the title of Great Mother. Stehen is keeping her as a political prisoner in the Valikov castle.

The current Adari regime has kept the war going strong with a steady supply of magic weapons and asilium from an unknown source.

Demographics and Culture

Humans and halflings make up the majority of Adar’s population. Orcs also have a large presence in the capital city. Adari are known for their dry humor and bluntness. They tend not to ask many questions and believe it’s best to keep to yourself. Their attitude is “enjoy life while you can because life is hard and then you die.”

Language and Currency

Adar’s official language is Adari, and the official currency is the ruble.


Most Adari do not follow a religion, though many believe superstitious stories about the desert. Miterismos is popular in the south near the border. There are a few Xantic outposts in Adar and an orphanage in the capital.


Magic is relatively new to Adar, and most commoners do not have much exposure to it. Many Adari see potential positive uses for magic and are very hospitable to magic users. However, the government almost exclusively uses magic for destructive purposes to aid with the war.

Asilium is owned by the government. The punishment for illegal possession of asilium is prison camp work for a nonspecific amount of time.


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