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  • Xantism

    The Xantic are a religious order who worship their one and only god Theos. They are led by [[Baldur | High Priest Baldur]]. The Holy Church of Theos is located on the western coast of Joutimos. Xantism is widespread in [[Kulina | Kulina]] and gaining …

  • Baldur

    Baldur is the High Priest of the [[Xantism | Xantic Church]]. He has been the leader for over 100 years. He wears a mask and robe that cover his entire body. It is said his footsteps shimmer and that Theos speaks to him.

  • Judas

    Xantic contact in Semya for investigation of asilium experiments. Judas worked for Gungnir up until two years ago when he faked his death to get out. He works as an information broker now and hangs around the Desert Rose. He seems to have left his life …