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Adventure 1

Staff Progress

  1. Ruby
  2. Emerald
  3. ___
  4. ___
  5. ___
  6. ___


Kera, owner of the Museum of Osteology, hires the party to plunder a ruin on the coast of Joutimos. The party rents the Sea Biscuit, and Pervy Mervi is hired on to watch the boat while the party adventures. The party makes it to the ruins and fights a lot of slimes and bats. After they leave the ruins, they find Mervi sitting around a fire with a stranger. Russ tells the guy to fuck off[, which was super rude] (DM Note: this phrase was ruining my sentence flow so I’m gonna ruin it more with these parentheses). He fucks off to a ship with red sails. Most of the party sleeps and then heads back to Suurka.

Kera tells the party that she is collecting special orbs that fit in a staff. She’s not sure what it’s for yet. She hires the party to look in other ruins for more orbs so they can find out what secrets it holds.

Loot haul:

  1. Small black box with windup stick (50m)
  2. Gold squares x9
  3. Blue squares x14
  4. Emerald Orb (1500m)
  5. Goopy Tapestry (100m)
  6. Decorative Clothing (200m)
Adventure 2

Staff Progress



tl;dr: Sleeping-people-murder party, party-breaking argument, and a witch. No treasure or money gained. Zeke takes Cope and Urd to the Church in Suurka. Russ is uncomfortable. Ellina and Ulrik need a drink.

The party heads out to the village of Makkor near one of the ruins marked on their map. They learn that the village has been stricken by a mysterious plague. The plague’s occurrence coincided with the arrival of a witch. The witch has been using asilium to treat those afflicted by the disease.

The party learns that the witch has been camping out in the ruins, and there is a pearl in the ruins which their employer is seeking. A girl named Farene asks the party to find her brother Femi who caught the plague and ran off to seek the witch’s help.

The ruins are inhabited by the witch and her followers, who are outcasts. After some scouting, the party decides to go to the ruins in the middle of the night to kill all the outcasts. Murdery silent slumber party ensues. The party ties up the witch and a young man who hadn’t been injected with asilium.

Zeke wakes up the witch and interrogates her. Her name is Urd, and she says she saw the village in a vision and she came to help. She is an ex-priestess of the Xantic Church. She has been curing villagers who seek her out by injecting them with asilium, which cures them of the plague.

When Urd first came to the ruins, she found the first person to contract the disease, a little girl named Orina, near-death and holding a pearl. She cured Orina, the pearl started emanating a strange darkness, and she put the pearl back on the pedestal where it was before. Orina was the only villager who turned into a mage after being injected with the asilium. Everyone else was transformed into an outcast.

Urd claims that it is possible to slow the bloodlust that outcasts inevitably suffer. Zeke and Russ argue with Urd about her method of helping people, and Cope becomes very upset. Zeke thwacks Cope on the head, Cope attacks Zeke, and it’s all this huge mess. Cope gets knocked out, and Zeke decides to take both Cope and Urd back to the Church for the high priests to deal with.

Ellina and Ulrik go find the pearl while Russ and Zeke keep an eye their captives. They find the pearl in a room with a splorch splorch. Ulrik attacks the splorch splorch and it becomes splorch splorch splorch splorch. Ellina gets knocked out and Ulrik picks her up and nopes on out of there. The party makes a run for the Sea Biscuit and nopes off to Suurka.

Mervi lets Cope use her lap as a pillow checks out his ass while he’s unconscious. Zeke takes Cope and Urd to the Church in Suurka. Russ is uncomfortable. Ellina and Ulrik need a drink.

Loot Haul


Adventure 3

Staff Progress

  1. Ruby
  2. Emerald
  3. Amethyst
  4. ___
  5. ___
  6. ___


The party went to the ruins on the west coast of Joutimos. Ellina got bitten by a bat, and Ulrik got dragged into an antlion den. They found a secret passage leading to the tomb of Idina, the mother of a ruler of Yvris. She was wearing a dress with this symbol on it:
Cope stares at it a long while.

Our heroes get to the end of the ruins and find a large red X painted on the wall behind a pedestal. Underneath the X is written “Bloody Marauders were here” obnoxiously. Ellina gets punched by a tree. They loot the place and Russ complains about how the ruins weren’t supposed to be explored yet blah blah.

They go back to the Ocean Sky where Mervi is waiting. Cope asks Mervi about the Marauders, and she says the party met the captain of the Marauders already during Adventure 1. Oh.

The party finds their way back to Suurka and sell their loot. They go find the Bloody Marauders at the Sand Dune where they’re all hanging out and stuff. Russ dons a disguise so he doesn’t get recognized as “fuck off guy.” Ulrik gets chosen as the face of the party. Time to shine, Hull.

Captain Yevgeni says he’ll give the party the amethyst orb if they play dodgeball with his crew because the Marauders are filthy rich somehow and would prefer entertainment over money. Ulrik threatens the Marauders. Yevgeni is scared, but his buddies will protect him. Ellina steps in and tries to be diplomatic. Zeke uses Command on Ulrik to make him apologize. Ulrik apologizes with his dead fish eyes. Cope buys drinks. The party accepts the game deal.

Zeke brings 40 orphans to the dodgeball warehouse. He sees everyone has brought their weapons. Oh. Ulrik gets stuck with an arrow by an angry elf. Our heroes win without getting hit by any balls. gg scrubs.

Yevgeni gives the amethyst to Russ and Ellina. He also offers them a job to pick up a delivery for him all the way in Adar. He doesn’t want to get it himself because “reasons.” Ellina asks how he has so much money. She asks too many questions. He’s offering some kind of compass with six needles pointing in various directions and 6500m to each party member. To be continued…?

Loot haul:

  1. Suits of Armor and Swords x4 (1500m)
  2. Shimmering Vase that keeps flowers fresh (150m)
  3. Silver Crow Statues x2 (300m)
  4. Amethyst (2000m)
Adventure 4


tl;dr: The party made it to Mitera.

Our heroes accept a job from Yevgeni to go to Adar and pick up a package for him. He gives Russ a letter sealed with the Adari nightbloom flower sigil. He says to give the letter to Petra, the owner of the King’s Refuge Inn in Semya.

Cope and Zeke are officially ordered to stop investigation on Gungnir and the abbey. Brother Jeremiah takes them aside and explains that he thinks there is some Church involvement with the abbey, and he’s not sure who within the Church can be trusted.

He tells them that there is a priest named Judas who left the Church who should know more about the abbey. They should be able to find Judas at the Desert Rose Tavern in Semya. Jeremiah gives Zeke a flag of the Xantic meteor emblem and prepares travel papers for the party.

The party finds a ship called the Blushing Mermaid that is headed for the port city of Limani in Mitera. A week into the journey, a strong wind and strange humming sound passed by from east to west. There were heat waves in the sky as the sound passed. Ulrik explained that this is the Mariner’s Wind, and it means good luck.

Ulrik gains a fanboy named Kosto who thinks Ulrik is Sig the Butcher of the Black Dragon. Ulrik says he don’t cut no meat until Kosto reveals his fanboyism. Kosto says Sig saved his village from other pirates when he was five.

Near the tail end of the journey, the wind stops blowing and a heavy fog sets in. A shipful of outcasts drifts up by the Blushing Mermaid. They swim over and attack. Zeke uses wind nonsense on the sails to get the ship moving, and Ulrik gets blown down from the crow’s nest and lands on Captain Linnea. The captain gets a concussion and is out cold for the battle.

Mervi freaks out and hides behind Cope. Ellina gets grabbed at and arrowed. Kosto charges at an outcast and gets thrown overboard.
Cope sets things on fire and Zeke puts out the fires. Russ uses a giant crossbow on an outcast. Ulrik smashes up an outcast and gets guts all over his boots. Ellina saves a guy from being punched. She also throws a rope to Kosto and helps him back on the ship.

The crew cleans up the deck and tends to the captain. Ellina sets up an alarm for the night. Russ casually asks “so how did you become a wizard.”

The wind picks up a few days later. The party spots a woman and child on flotsam. “Man overboard!” Russ lets everyone else handle this. The woman turns out to be an outcast. She asks the party to kill her and take her 5-years-old son Melvin to Soraya’s Sanctuary in Mitera. She says to go to the Jellyfish Sting inn in Limani. Zeke kills the woman and gives her a funeral service.

The group makes it to Limani. Kosto volunteers to translate for them for now. He finds the Jellyfish Sting and a nice place to eat. He shares a room with Ulrik who didn’t bother converting any of his markka to rubles. The party considers what to do with Melvin.

Adventure 5


tl;dr: Oh, sweet summer child. Ellina knocks an orc out with a quiver. Dude-elf translates. Something something 8’s. The Spitting Camel.

Russ, Cope, and Ulrik wake up to the sound of a piece of paper being slipped under their doors at the Jellyfish Sting around 4AM. Ellina wakes up to the sound of her wizard alarm going off in her head. Russ reads the note after shuffling around for a light. The note says that a guide to Sanctuary will be departing in 15 minutes. Russ knocks on everyone’s doors to wake them up. Zeke casts silence on his room. Russ lockpicks the door open and wakes Zeke up. Ulrik throws mugs at Kosto and tries to kidnap him.

The party meets the guide Nepheli downstairs. She leads them out of the city to the Chamenos Woods a few hours away. She uses a magic pendant to create a blue flame that disperses a thick fog in the forest. They walk to a secret cave behind a waterfall. Inside the cave is a giant plant with glowing blue veins that is the source of the fog in the forest. A spiral of blue flame keeps the fog from passing further into the cave.

The party walks past some outcasts and untainted people before meeting Soraya in the back of the cave. Soraya assures them that Melvin would receive some kind of education and life skills in the Sanctuary’s care. They learn that Soraya is trying to find a cure for outcasts, but she has been unsuccessful thus far. Soraya has mastered the art of the “oh sweet summer child” look. Ellina has a conversation with her in private. The party leaves Melvin in the Sanctuary’s care, and Zeke leaves his prayer wheel with the boy.

They go back to Limani and head out for Alitheia the next day. Dude-elf Tacitus translates for the party and gets them a carriage ride to the capital. On the way there, they run into some thugs harassing the innkeeper of the inn they were planning on staying at. Tacitus says it sounds like the thugs want the innkeep to pay them for something. They brawl with the thugs.

Everyone rolls 8’s. Scimitar guy is terrified of Cope. Mace guy makes a threat to smash in innkeeper’s face, Ulrik ignores him, and mace guy delivers. Tacitus translates from behind a tree. Ellina knocks an orc out with a quiver. Cope just wants a drink. Zeke heals up innkeep. Russ restrains the thugs and takes all their weapons. Ulrik loots their bodies, doesn’t matter if they’re conscious. Zeke disapproves (-1). The innkeep lets the party stay for free.

The party makes it to Alitheia a couple days later. Russ sells all the thugs’ weapons. Tacitus helps them find a carriage ride to Semya. Zeke tours the Grand Cathedral. The party stays at the Spitting Camel for the night.

Adventure 6


tl;dr: Infodump and Russ taking dumps. Ulrik gives a crazy lady a bag of teeth. Ellina discovers baklava.

The party makes it to Semya with Russ in the back of the carriage dying from food poisoning. At the border, the guards take blood samples from the mages for recordkeeping purposes. They take blood from Ulrik too because he’s in the wrong line. Papers, please.

Our heroes enter the city and find the King’s Refuge inn. They meet Petra and find out her package for Yevgeni is a necklace that her good-for-nothing nephew Markov stole from her and gave to drug dealers to pay back a debt. Petra lets the party stay at the inn for free as long as they are in Semya.

The party leaves Russ at the inn to die and does crap like check out the Xantic orphanage in the city. They go back and have dinner with Petra and Markov. Cope translates. Markov’s been buying trinkets from someone and owes them a lot of money. By trinkets, I mean drugs. The party convinces him to introduce them to this drug dealer.

They meet the drug dealer Fahti after running away from some guards. Fahti takes them to meet his boss Balalaika aka crazy lady who collects teeth. She says she’ll give them the necklace if the party tracks down Markov and gives her his teeth. The party goes outside and is followed by a guard named Oleg. He says Balalaika is getting asilium somehow and he wants to find out where they keep it, how many people guard Balalaika’s lair, and where they are positioned. He offers to give the party Balalaika’s possessions in return for the information.

Our adventurers go to the Desert Rose to meet up with Zeke’s contact Judas. It’s super seedy inside and people are smoking this drug called ice that glows blue. Zeke detects magic and finds Judas playing cards and smoking. He agrees to meet up with the party at the King’s Refuge in the morning. Ulrik cheats at cards.

Judas meets up with the party in the morning, and they talk in Cope’s room. Ulrik sleeps and misses everything. Zeke casts zone of truth on the room.

Judas says he worked for Gungnir until he faked his death to get out two years ago. Gungnir is an organization known by some of the high priests in the Church, but it is not part of the Church. Gungnir’s leader is a woman named Eir. She has long white hair despite looking fairly young. Judas has only seen her from afar. Eir claims she is an angel from Paradise. Judas believes Gungnir has some kind of involvement with the current regime in Adar.

Gungnir threatened to take control of all Xantic orphanages by force if High Priest Baldur did not allow them to use some of the orphanages as a way to stock their facilities. They experiment on orphans for a reason unknown to Judas. Some of the orphans are taken away from the Gungnir facilities and transported to another location. Judas says that the transport ships travel by air and have some kind of magic on them to make them invisible. He has marked the locations of the Gungnir facilities he knows of on the map.

That’s all he knows for now on that. He asks to speak to Russ when he’s feeling better.

Adventure 7


tl;dr: Underground adventures. Fill pockets with asilium! Destroy blood samples!

Ellina goes out to buy baklava and never returns. Zeke goes to help at the soup kitchen at the Xantic outpost. Ulrik, Cope, and Russ have beer for breakfast. Cope gives Russ a recap about what happened in Adventure 6. Cope proposes that the party break into the military complex and steal his, Ellina’s, and Zeke’s blood samples. The trio comes up with a plan. Russ asks around about the catacombs beneath the city, and Cope and Ulrik gather information in Darktown about the military complex.

They regroup and prepare to head down the catacombs the next day. They pass themselves off as history nerds and go through the catacombs entrance by the execution grounds. They find crunchy bones, a bit of crushed up asilium, and rats. They find a secret passage and traps. They loop around and meet a snake. They go back through the secret passage and find the entrance to a building inside the military complex.

The party stops to have a picnic in the catacombs while they wait for nightfall. A guard enters the catacombs right by the party. Russ stops her with a knife. She’s smuggling something through the tunnels. She draws out a map of the military complex for the party and is off on her way. The group climbs up to the storage building basement.

They sneak down a hall a bit until they see a guard coming. Russ threatens the guy, he starts yelling for reinforcements, and they knock the guy out. They drag him into a storage room, and Ulrik puts on his armor. Reinforcements arrive. Ulrik, as the only non-Adari speaker of the three PCs, goes out to meet the guards. He uses his knowledge of Adari curse words to convince them that the intruders ran past them while being invisible. Or maybe that was Cope’s doing with a minor illusion sound. Ulrik “passes out.” One guard stays with Ulrik while the rest go after the intruders.

Russ knocks out this guard too. Cope takes the guards’ money. The party searches the storage rooms while the alarm bells sound upstairs. Ulrik finds the asilium store and grabs fistfuls of asilium. Cope casts web on the hallway in case guards come. They find the blood sample room. Guards are coming. Ulrik prepares to smash all the blood vials. Cope frantically finds his and makes sure it’s destroyed. Ulrik smashes everything while Russ pockets asilium in the other room.

The guards are caught in the webs. Cope throws fire into the blood sample room for good measure as they make their escape. They run back through the catacombs. Russ has a missed connection with a mysterious figure in the darkness. Ain’t nobody got time for this. The three troublemakers go to the Desert Rose and celebrate a successful mission by getting wasted.

Adventure 8

tl;dr: A lot of planning.


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