Cope Phrynosoma

Elf Sorcerer


AC:16, HP:23, Speed:30ft
Str:8 /Dex:16 /Con:14 /Int:15 /Wis:8 /Cha:20
Skills: Arcana, Deception, Intimidation, Persuasion, Religion, Stealth

Party Points: 2


Cope kinda just showed up one day, looking a little distraught. However he warmed to the bar environment quite quickly. He’s only been in Taivas Islands for about a month. A little annoying, talks a little to much, but seems to be a ok and willing to buy drinks for the table. Altogether not very noticeable, save for the dimly glowing eyes.

Appears to have a disdain for the church of Theos.

Cope Phrynosoma

Ghara nyaabo petiee