Ezekiel F'Romsah

Human Cleric


Originally from Joutimos, Ezekiel was kidnapped from his family and brought to the Western Lands by a Kulinan slavetrading expedition to work in an Asilium mine of Sima. Renewed conflict with Adar closed the borders off to commercial traffic before Ezekiel could be transferred to the labor camp. His captors, hemorrhaging money to the upkeep of their prisoners, abandoned him, casting him onto the streets of the Kulinan capital. An Xantic monk happened across a cold, starving Ezekiel on his third night living on the streets. He took the boy back to an Xantic orphanage.

It was there that he met Russ. The two boys were inseparable for the 10 years that they stayed there. But when they turned 16, the age at which the orphanage could no longer legally offer them sanctuary, the two parted ways. Russ left the orphanage, eager to start his life anew while Ezekiel elected to repay his debt by dedicating his life to Xantism. He joined the ranks of the holymen, passing through the secret Asilium rituals of the faith.

Twelve years later, he is now a full-fledged Savior, a holy warrior tasked with hunting down Sinners. His most recent assignment brings him to the Taivas Islands, where he is tasked with protecting the nascent Xantic churches. Rumor has it that his friend Russ is also on the islands.

Ezekiel F'Romsah

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