Adventure 6


tl;dr: Infodump and Russ taking dumps. Ulrik gives a crazy lady a bag of teeth. Ellina discovers baklava.

The party makes it to Semya with Russ in the back of the carriage dying from food poisoning. At the border, the guards take blood samples from the mages for recordkeeping purposes. They take blood from Ulrik too because he’s in the wrong line. Papers, please.

Our heroes enter the city and find the King’s Refuge inn. They meet Petra and find out her package for Yevgeni is a necklace that her good-for-nothing nephew Markov stole from her and gave to drug dealers to pay back a debt. Petra lets the party stay at the inn for free as long as they are in Semya.

The party leaves Russ at the inn to die and does crap like check out the Xantic orphanage in the city. They go back and have dinner with Petra and Markov. Cope translates. Markov’s been buying trinkets from someone and owes them a lot of money. By trinkets, I mean drugs. The party convinces him to introduce them to this drug dealer.

They meet the drug dealer Fahti after running away from some guards. Fahti takes them to meet his boss Balalaika aka crazy lady who collects teeth. She says she’ll give them the necklace if the party tracks down Markov and gives her his teeth. The party goes outside and is followed by a guard named Oleg. He says Balalaika is getting asilium somehow and he wants to find out where they keep it, how many people guard Balalaika’s lair, and where they are positioned. He offers to give the party Balalaika’s possessions in return for the information.

Our adventurers go to the Desert Rose to meet up with Zeke’s contact Judas. It’s super seedy inside and people are smoking this drug called ice that glows blue. Zeke detects magic and finds Judas playing cards and smoking. He agrees to meet up with the party at the King’s Refuge in the morning. Ulrik cheats at cards.

Judas meets up with the party in the morning, and they talk in Cope’s room. Ulrik sleeps and misses everything. Zeke casts zone of truth on the room.

Judas says he worked for Gungnir until he faked his death to get out two years ago. Gungnir is an organization known by some of the high priests in the Church, but it is not part of the Church. Gungnir’s leader is a woman named Eir. She has long white hair despite looking fairly young. Judas has only seen her from afar. Eir claims she is an angel from Paradise. Judas believes Gungnir has some kind of involvement with the current regime in Adar.

Gungnir threatened to take control of all Xantic orphanages by force if High Priest Baldur did not allow them to use some of the orphanages as a way to stock their facilities. They experiment on orphans for a reason unknown to Judas. Some of the orphans are taken away from the Gungnir facilities and transported to another location. Judas says that the transport ships travel by air and have some kind of magic on them to make them invisible. He has marked the locations of the Gungnir facilities he knows of on the map.

That’s all he knows for now on that. He asks to speak to Russ when he’s feeling better.


nyaabo nyaabo

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