Adventure 4


tl;dr: The party made it to Mitera.

Our heroes accept a job from Yevgeni to go to Adar and pick up a package for him. He gives Russ a letter sealed with the Adari nightbloom flower sigil. He says to give the letter to Petra, the owner of the King’s Refuge Inn in Semya.

Cope and Zeke are officially ordered to stop investigation on Gungnir and the abbey. Brother Jeremiah takes them aside and explains that he thinks there is some Church involvement with the abbey, and he’s not sure who within the Church can be trusted.

He tells them that there is a priest named Judas who left the Church who should know more about the abbey. They should be able to find Judas at the Desert Rose Tavern in Semya. Jeremiah gives Zeke a flag of the Xantic meteor emblem and prepares travel papers for the party.

The party finds a ship called the Blushing Mermaid that is headed for the port city of Limani in Mitera. A week into the journey, a strong wind and strange humming sound passed by from east to west. There were heat waves in the sky as the sound passed. Ulrik explained that this is the Mariner’s Wind, and it means good luck.

Ulrik gains a fanboy named Kosto who thinks Ulrik is Sig the Butcher of the Black Dragon. Ulrik says he don’t cut no meat until Kosto reveals his fanboyism. Kosto says Sig saved his village from other pirates when he was five.

Near the tail end of the journey, the wind stops blowing and a heavy fog sets in. A shipful of outcasts drifts up by the Blushing Mermaid. They swim over and attack. Zeke uses wind nonsense on the sails to get the ship moving, and Ulrik gets blown down from the crow’s nest and lands on Captain Linnea. The captain gets a concussion and is out cold for the battle.

Mervi freaks out and hides behind Cope. Ellina gets grabbed at and arrowed. Kosto charges at an outcast and gets thrown overboard.
Cope sets things on fire and Zeke puts out the fires. Russ uses a giant crossbow on an outcast. Ulrik smashes up an outcast and gets guts all over his boots. Ellina saves a guy from being punched. She also throws a rope to Kosto and helps him back on the ship.

The crew cleans up the deck and tends to the captain. Ellina sets up an alarm for the night. Russ casually asks “so how did you become a wizard.”

The wind picks up a few days later. The party spots a woman and child on flotsam. “Man overboard!” Russ lets everyone else handle this. The woman turns out to be an outcast. She asks the party to kill her and take her 5-years-old son Melvin to Soraya’s Sanctuary in Mitera. She says to go to the Jellyfish Sting inn in Limani. Zeke kills the woman and gives her a funeral service.

The group makes it to Limani. Kosto volunteers to translate for them for now. He finds the Jellyfish Sting and a nice place to eat. He shares a room with Ulrik who didn’t bother converting any of his markka to rubles. The party considers what to do with Melvin.


nyaabo nyaabo

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