Adventure 3

Staff Progress

  1. Ruby
  2. Emerald
  3. Amethyst
  4. ___
  5. ___
  6. ___


The party went to the ruins on the west coast of Joutimos. Ellina got bitten by a bat, and Ulrik got dragged into an antlion den. They found a secret passage leading to the tomb of Idina, the mother of a ruler of Yvris. She was wearing a dress with this symbol on it:
Cope stares at it a long while.

Our heroes get to the end of the ruins and find a large red X painted on the wall behind a pedestal. Underneath the X is written “Bloody Marauders were here” obnoxiously. Ellina gets punched by a tree. They loot the place and Russ complains about how the ruins weren’t supposed to be explored yet blah blah.

They go back to the Ocean Sky where Mervi is waiting. Cope asks Mervi about the Marauders, and she says the party met the captain of the Marauders already during Adventure 1. Oh.

The party finds their way back to Suurka and sell their loot. They go find the Bloody Marauders at the Sand Dune where they’re all hanging out and stuff. Russ dons a disguise so he doesn’t get recognized as “fuck off guy.” Ulrik gets chosen as the face of the party. Time to shine, Hull.

Captain Yevgeni says he’ll give the party the amethyst orb if they play dodgeball with his crew because the Marauders are filthy rich somehow and would prefer entertainment over money. Ulrik threatens the Marauders. Yevgeni is scared, but his buddies will protect him. Ellina steps in and tries to be diplomatic. Zeke uses Command on Ulrik to make him apologize. Ulrik apologizes with his dead fish eyes. Cope buys drinks. The party accepts the game deal.

Zeke brings 40 orphans to the dodgeball warehouse. He sees everyone has brought their weapons. Oh. Ulrik gets stuck with an arrow by an angry elf. Our heroes win without getting hit by any balls. gg scrubs.

Yevgeni gives the amethyst to Russ and Ellina. He also offers them a job to pick up a delivery for him all the way in Adar. He doesn’t want to get it himself because “reasons.” Ellina asks how he has so much money. She asks too many questions. He’s offering some kind of compass with six needles pointing in various directions and 6500m to each party member. To be continued…?

Loot haul:

  1. Suits of Armor and Swords x4 (1500m)
  2. Shimmering Vase that keeps flowers fresh (150m)
  3. Silver Crow Statues x2 (300m)
  4. Amethyst (2000m)


nyaabo nyaabo

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